I sent 10 VHS tapes to Legacy box in December of 2022. I paid over $100 for them to convert them to digital media. For weeks I received pointless “updates” on my order, and then in march received an email stating that “…one or more of your analog media items arrived with some pre-existing wear and tear. We did everything we could, but unfortunately were unable to convert it.” No explanation or clarity (All tapes have been stored indoors and were in good shape.) Mind you, each tape had a bar code so they could have identified which tapes did not work—but they didn’t. Instead, after 3 months I received my box with the tapes and a flash drive with 2- 20 minute videos in low resolution MP4 format. What a bummer. The customer service was non-existent by phone/email/text. Total rip off. I am a VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER!

Brenda R. - April 5, 2023

I am in my late 50’s and never have written a review in my life. Legacy box is a complete waste of money. The quality is beyond sub-par and customer service is completely non-existent. Multiple calls, texts, and emails for months and have had no response. There are multiple other companies to trust your children’s early years videos to transfer. DO NOT use Legacy box.

Anne M. - September 8, 2023

Not only did it take MONTHS to get back my footage, but I was so sad to see that so many of the home videos were ruined. Prior to sending them in, we were able to watch them on a vhs player, so i know that the quality of the film was good. When receiving the digital files of the films, they were completely shaky, more than one video was COMPLETELY ruined. When you ship off your precious family memories to a company like this and then receive ruined footage, it’s beyond sad – we paid hundreds of dollars to have all our memories converted and i’m SO sad with the results – i’m going to tell everyone i know NOT to ever use legacy box.

Lizzie H. - October 12, 2023

This service was so expensive and now they want more money. I paid this company almost $600 to convert my home videos which are very precious because my father passed away. My purchase was back in 2021. Last year I revisited those videos on Father’s Day and went to do the same this year. However, the Drive folder was empty. I was shocked. Apparently, that is by design. The download link only last 30 days now along with access to the Drive folder. So make sure you download everything immediately and back it up yourself. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay them another $79.99 for a new link. So ridiculous and I’ll never recommend this company to anyone.

Emily L. - June 21, 2023

Ordered film copies in 2020. I have a follow up question for Legacy box. No one ever answers the phone. I have sent 3 emails to Legacy box. I have not received a response! Bad customer service…


Francis C. - October 6, 2023

I sent every photo and video I’ve ever taken of my family. It is a vulnerable thing to share your images. The company promised a lifetime back up and guess what? In a move we lost our thumb drive, I paid to order another just a year later and they said they destroyed the files. They also wouldn’t answer my second call until I used my husband’s cell phone. I’m fairly sure this is run out of a basement or trailer, who knows, but don’t bother. Spend a little more for a legitimate company.

Tip for consumers:
I think this company is a sham running out of a garage. Don’t trust your photos or videos in the hands of non professionals. It is just a money grab, no intellect behind the business.

Sara L. - July 24, 2023

I purchased a legacy box and had some of my old files converted to digital. Most of the files turned out OK but several were corrupted when they returned from Legacy box. That’s fine- we should be able to fix that. But actually, no we cant fix that of legacy box will not reply to any of my emails. I have tried numerous times.

Justin W. - October 11, 2023

Placed an order to have two tapes transfered to a zip drive. Approx. $65.
Didn’t hear anything from them just tons of junk mail. 2 weeks later I get a box with no return labels or bar codes.
Called the customer service number…on hold for over 40 minutes.
They have not resolved the issue.
Still waiting.
Find another service don’t waste your time with Legacy box.

Ruben G. - August 14, 2023

If I could give zero stars, I would. I ordered boxes to put photographs in and only after the boxes arrived. Did I learn that it only takes certain size photos. Many of my photos are larger or smaller than what it takes and that doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried to reach out and cannot get anybody to respond. I want a refund. Meanwhile, before I figure this out, I ordered a box to send in 8 mm films. Only by accident while flipping around on the webpage to find someone to talk to me. Did I figure out that they do not transfer sound on 8 mm film. Every other company does this not sure why they don’t. So now I want a refund for that box but once again, I cannot get anyone to respond.

Tip for consumers:
Reading reviews all over the Internet this company does not respond to anyone.

Lisa K. - October 19, 2023

I have used Legacy Box before and was happy. Something has happened with the company such that now it is a horrible experience, poor quality and zero customer support. I would NEVER trust them to handle your memories. No more.

James G. - September 23, 2023

Con artists. 16 weeks to process my order. Sent back 16 dvds, 9 blank. One dvd had error message ” clean vhs head” warning recorded on dvd. The error message was their equipment giving the warning. Slide dvd all blank. Today, they renewed my yearly online ability to view 4 months into a yearly subscription already paid for. Can only communicate thru email and customer service is terrible. I get a daily text that has an offer of day. Annoying and can’t stop it. Stay away

Tom M. - May 15, 2023

I purchased digital format for my 20 VHS tapes and all went OK until I purchased the 12-month LegacyBox back up copies of our videos. After much prodding and pestering by email I was sent a link to an extra 30 days of access (paid $84.36/12 month access). I can’t get a response from LegacyBox. If you call their customer service phone number the recorded message says they can’t answer phone calls and directed me to texting. I texted but I still can’t get a response. I still don’t have access to the 12-month back up and when I asked for a refund by email, by text and through PayPal resolution, still no response. I would stay away from Legacy Box. If they’re so busy and don’t have enough staff (as they claim on their phone recording) and they can’t respond to a paying customer then they need to stop accepting more customers. Very frustrating and I still don’t have my refund OR access to the 12-month back up on Legacy Box server.

Susan B. - June 14, 2023

20% CANCELLATION FEE! I ordered a Legacy Box package to have some betamax tapes transferred. After receiving the kit I found that most of my betamax tapes were molded and had water damage. I then proceeded to cancel the $625 order and they are charging me the shipping and handling of the box ( which I understand) however they are also charging me 20% of the cost for DOING NOTHING for me. This is now going to cost me $120 + shipping and handling.

Shawn D. - August 7, 2023

I trusted LegacyBox to digitize my cherished home videos. The DVD’s I received in return were not mine, and I can only assume my home videos are now in the possession of another family. I did receive a flash drive with my digitized videos, and the quality is horrendous. There is barely any volume, and the picture quality is poor (compared to other digitizing services I have used). Their customer service department has not fixed the problem or offered a refund. There are long wait times for phone calls (over 15 minutes), and they do not respond to texts or emails (even though they recommend them for communication). We are very disappointed. I would warn others not to trust this company with your memories.

Chris F. - August 28, 2023

I had several VHS tapes converted by Legacy Box – the process takes longer than expected, and the ability to track progress is very limited. The quality of some files was really poor, LegacyBox said that’s because the tape has degraded – but I recently found my old VCR and bought a cheap conversion kit and the quality of the video is fine. They didn’t digitize some tapes at all because of adult themed content, but I was fully charged with the offer of a credit toward my next order – I won’t have a next order because my tapes are done.

Kevin B. - June 9, 2021

I entrusted Legacybox with digitizing my good quality MiniDV tapes. They came back after a while, and the quality is appalling. I suspect they do not use the Firewire transfer, but instead a cheap RCA connector. Not only that, one of my tapes came back with that red sticker, and the protective flip cover completely in pieces, INSIDE the box. The original sticker with the number was also damaged, and the case was missing. I can only assume that they had a careless employee destroy the tape. The frustrating part however is that they keep claiming that they cannot digitize it, yet when I put the tape in my still functional 25 year old Panasonic DV-Camcorder, it plays back just fine.

Robert W. - August 22, 2023

Don’t go for the digital download option, you’ll never find your files to download. I eventually got there, but it sure wasn’t easy! How hard would it be to simply have a link on the main page to your digitized content?

And their customer service follow up ignores the question and responds with something completely irrelevant.

Art S. - May 26, 2023

Legacy Box lost my box with 10 of the most precious memories. Memories from 1998 my wedding, kids birth and birthdays. Please be aware!

Sanae B. - September 15, 2023

I didnt expect them to edit my stuff but I also Didn’t expect them to give me a two hour dead file for 11 minutes of recording. It took over three months for my order to be transferred and they don’t do anything but digitize it. Over half my order was too low quality to digitize (not their fault) but they didn’t say anything until it was too late. Customer service is as bad as any company I’ve experienced period. Stay away!

Janis L. - July 14, 2023

They should have been honest upfront and stated they couldn’t handle the order.I won’t use them again

Tip for consumers:
Find a local service and stay away from internet fakes such as this

Products used:
Video transfer and sorry I chose this company. They have yet after 2 months to complete the order

Marc W. - August 31, 2023

Sent in my box with 19 tabbed pieces. Get an email from the company saying I have 21 pieces….ridiculous! I counted it carefully. They are extorting money! I know how to count and was exceedingly careful preparing box. The customer service is terrible! I have requested a supervisor many times to Kellan but they refuse… no one calls me. They just want my additional $$$ for something I already fully paid for! Watch out. DONT USE
Them for your precious memories.

Tip for consumers:
Horrible company!!! Avoid at all costs!!!

Julie S. - April 5, 2023

Can’t tell you about how the actual product comes out. You wait and then you wait some more. If you ask me they spend way too much energy on sending out adds and getting folks to take phone calls. I sent it in December and May is almost here. Maybe for Christmas it will come back. I CAN say they take your money extremely efficiently. RUN fast from this crappy company!

Shari T. - May 18, 2022

Sent in 8 tapes, they converted 2 and sent the rest back saying they were blank or damaged. We viewed all of the returned tapes with no issues, bought a $90 digitizing unit and converted all the rest ourselves. Plus it took months to get them back with the only communication saying basically, “you’re in the queue”. Wish I had done more research before wasting the money with them. Oh, and the 2 we did get back in digital form were much worse quality than our DIY transfers!

Linda B. - January 17, 2023

If I could give a zero I would. INCOMPETENCE TWICE!

Sent in 20 VHS, all in perfect condition for playback, no lines, sharp. The digital copies I got back were 10 ok. 4 blank – nothing on them and they never took out the cases ( you can tell, all the others were in the wrong cases). 6 were just horrible copies, nothing like the sharp video they were sent, copied on dirty heads it looked like and unknown why all the jumping screens, just so bad! The originals have none of that. So After they make me go through all kinds of proof that took hours to create and send that they messed up, I send back 10 of them for re-doing.
During this time, I ask for my expedited shipping back since now it is taking twice as long, no money back. I asked them to please make sure before you return the re-do that you look at it to be sure that there are no issues. Of course they will. They also decided to send me an email about some media they are unable to process which upon more wasted time, was just a mistake. I get these copies back, 10 blurry. The 6 that were re-dos are exactly what was sent before only blurry this time like they just copied the digital files.
I would not give these incompetent people another chance they are extremely bad at what they do and they just do not care at all to get it right. I have asked for a 10 tape refund, but since they didn’t want to refund $20 for their own incompetence, I doubt they will provide anything at all. Steer clear of these people, don’t believe the commercials!

Barbara S. - May 6, 2023

I sent about 25/30 vhs & vhs-c tapes that were from 1995 to 2006 (not old at all). Thanks to covid I had time to watch them all before I sent them to be sure they were in good working order & had content that was going to be worth the money I was spending to have them digitized. The ones I chose to send worked as good as the day we had recorded them, no sound or tracking issues. I got 3 thumb drives back with my tapes (many of the tapes were marked “tracking issues”.), two of the thumb drives worked in the tv & one didn’t, I contacted customer service & they gave me generic answers as if I wasn’t tech savvy & disappeared. We watched some of the videos right away & were instantly disappointed with the quality… hardly any sound, many tracking issues, blue screens, dead space, hours of blank screens, some were out of order, started from the middle, parts missing, duplicates, 2003 somehow turned into 1999 in the middle like it had been recorded over, there were none of these issues with my tapes before I sent them, I know because I had watched them. Life happened & I put everything away until this week I wanted to watch them & organize them on the drives & once again more disappointment. I was so excited to get this done & now I’m sick that I spent that much money & received back what I did. Do not waste your time or money.

Al I. - December 22, 2020

My wife and I sent multiple old VCR family recordings and photos to Legacy Box a few months ago. Our intent was to digitalize these items so we could free up some storage space. We were initially very pleased with the results as we viewed our memories from the thumb drive that held all of the data. However, when I went to look at them again and begin to organize for our children the thumb drive would not load onto my laptop. This was the same laptop that was used initially. I contacted them to see what could be done and was told that they only keep data for 30 days and there nothing they could do. Since we disposed of the originals all of those priceless memories are gone forever. My advice? Do not dispose of your memorabilia until you have made copies or uploaded the the thumb drive to the cloud or other back-up device. It would have been helpful for LegacyBox to have made that recommendation when they returned our materials.

Lee R. - January 27, 2023

I have seen a couple of posts on here that seem to share my disappointment of the services. I had 20 mini DV’s that I wanted to covert to a digital format. I foolishly put them on DVD’s back over ten years ago and wanted to have the highest quality possible as these were videos of my children and nobody in my circles uses DVD’s anymore. I got them processed in 2 months time, which in my opinion was about the only positive of the experience. The quality of the mini DV’s are in poor condition. They are darker than the DVD’s and extremely grainy. I had previously converted them with an old Roxio program as I had the cable connections to hook the camcorder to my laptop at the time, and the files were saved at about 15 GB per mini DV. The ones I received were less than 1 GB, so I know they were not using the highest quality possible to extract this. Fortunately, I am only out about $200 but it could have been much worse than that. Beware before using this service for mini DV conversion as you probably will not get what you bargained for. The files I received are essentially worthless to me since I have a higher quality on my DVD’s from ten years ago.

Devin W. - August 7, 2023

Legacy box simply forgot to include a number of my discs in their mailing back to me. More frustrating, they are not available by phone, simply cannot even leave a message for callback. Their message is that they are too understaffed, call back later. Later is never any better. Avoid this vendor.

James N. - March 10, 2023

I received as a gift the chance to digitize our slides from “Legacy box”. After going through 800 some slides determining which to have done.
After receiving our memory stick we found a large number upside down. I tried to contact them by phone having nothing but challenges. I left a VM to return the call and that didn’t happen. Today 6/30/23 I’m being told they don’t have an actual file it’s deleted after x# of days. I would need to go through all the slides to figure which are upside down to have them corrected. Ship them in for a redo. This would have to be done within a week or a new order would need to be written. If I had requested a down load they could help but not a flash drive.
Talk about absurd!
This company is definitely NOT customer friendly!

Robin U. - June 30, 2023

Destroyed Memories! Think twice about sending precious memories to these people. I had a Beta tape of a party taken long ago and had saved it over the years because of many participants who had since passed away. I recently decided, at the request of other friends, to have copies made for their memories as well. I contacted Legacy asking if they could transfer Beta. No answer to my question. Several emails followed, each inviting me to send in my tape. I asked several times if BETA was acceptable. Never answered my question but kept saying “send your material” I applied, paid the cost up front, which was requested, and sent in my tape. I asked for three DVDs. That’s all I wanted. I waited for two months during which time I got several follow up emails explaining I would have to pay extra for two discs. I paid. More waiting and finally I sent another email asking where was my stuff. They replied again that I needed to pay for a third disc. I didn’t want to argue because I had waited for so long and was anxious to finally get my stuff returned and the new discs. I paid for the third disc and a short time later I got an email telling me that they couldn’t make the discs because my tape was “damaged and unfixable”. I was furious! HOW could this happen? That tape had been sitting in a box in my closet for years. I never took it out or played it since I don’t have a beta player, who does? That was my original concern, could they play a beta and copy it? They replied that the tape had wear and tear damage and then returned it to me. SO NOT ONLY DID I NOT GET MY DISCS, BUT NOW THAT PRECIOUS TAPE IS NO LONGER PLAYABLE so I can never screen it again. If I thought I could sue them I would. BEWARE what you trust them with!

Tom D. - July 28, 2023

My order has been in process since February 26. Today is April 7th and it STILL has not entered production!
I had previously used another company. It cost $10 more, but I received my order in 4 weeks!

Rosalva S. - April 5, 2021

4 Months Later, Money Gone, No Product!

My elderly parents, 87 and 85 years old moved in with us and we thought it would be a good idea to use Legacybox to update old movies. What a mistake! We sent in our order on April 2,2022, paid over $400, (the check was cashed in a timely manner) Today is August 14,2022 and still no product! I wanted these memories for my parents to enjoy, not to play at their memorial service! The Order Number is L*******. Can anyone help!

Douglas M. - August 14, 2022

I had read great reviews about Legacy Box, so I decided to try it out. I sent out old VHS tapes and audio cassette tapes to be converted to digital. I had sent these out before through an outside company that Walgreens uses. The quality wasn’t that great, so I wanted to see if Legacy Box could do a better job. The videos were terrible! They are so blurry and poor quality. The ones that I got from Walgreens look better than the ones that Legacy Box did. It also took a few months to get everything back. One of my mini video cassettes (from an old video camera) was not able to be converted at all. It wasn’t even as old as the other ones that I sent to them. I was very disappointed. It’s not cheap either. I don’t think that I would recommend Legacy Box.

Stephanie A. - November 20, 2020

In 2018 I paid to have several VHS converted to digital files with Legacy Box. I was given a Google Drive link and it worked well up until January 2023 (with a couple exceptions in which files could not be downloaded for some reason). In January 2023, all downloads in the folder said they had errors. I tried to troubleshoot it myself over a few months since Legacy Box customer service is difficult to get in contact with but had no success. I reached out to them in June 2023 and learned they had changed their pricing and structure so that the digital downloads I had received 5 years ago were no longer good and that I’d have to re-purchase them. After going back and forth with them, they were going to “only” charge me for a subscription to access my downloads. When I finally caved and agreed to pay for this subscription service, they said they actually lost all my files and I will need to send my tapes in again and pay to have them converted again. I will never trust Legacy Box again as their customer service and communication is extremely poor and I no longer have access to precious family memories.

Rebecca R. - June 30, 2023

Awful return policy and very poor customer service

Not a customer centric company. I ordered a 40 item box. My elderly siblings and I ( all in our senior + years) discussed getting the old movies out of our closets/attics. I told them to get it to me over thanksgiving and I was going to surprise them with the box. I bought the box a few weeks ago. It is a prepaid order of 40 items. You get an empty box. No one found their films, they both assumed they had them but they were not there. So, I want to return “empty box” and get a refund. Spoke with customer service person ( that’s a misnomer) and said it will cost me $200 restocking fee to return the “empty” box. Understand they want me to give them $200 for putting an empty box back on the shelf. I complained but told me “sorry our policy is 20% plus additional fees which brings it to almost 30% of my original order. The order is only a few weeks old! His advice was to scrounge around friends and relatives to come up to the 40 items. I then asked to at least be credited back to the current holiday sales pricing we all have seen bombarding our inbox. No. Per “policy” I cannot do that. I complained as I paid twice the current sale price just a few weeks ago and I have a problem. “Nope sorry”. Then typical technique he used to get me off the phone was to say he will send my complaint up to the billing department and maybe they can do something for you. He assured me I would hear from them. Really! So billing department is now customer not service as well, never heard from them! Legacy Box is NOT customer centric. Their “policy” is so pre current business environment service levels. I have to report less than 1 star. Since they probably have an elderly customer base, maybe they are able to take advantage of us. Adam Boeselager and Nick Macco I am very disappointed. By the way did either of you ever buy from Amazon and got something you needed to return?…

Jim A. - December 30 ,2022


Legacy Box spends a ton of money on advertisement. They really should spend more money hiring a few more people.

Robert L. - June 23, 2023

It’s been 4 months, I moved in the interim and was assured by email that my address was updated. Besides the additional 8 weeks of waiting, I now got an email that my order has been shipped… to my OLD address. I moved States! There were no updates at all for 2 months now this. I am less than happy and am sorry I did not go local and have my media in my hands! Huge mistake! Just Go Local! Who knows if I will ever see my media again.

Marsha A. - August 21, 2022

Highly Dissatisfied!

I sent 10 vhs tapes out in early March 2020. Today, May 23rd, I revived the usb and my vhs tapes back in the mail. This was supposed to be a gift to my dad but I can’t even give him this usb. The first 40 minutes is a family that is not ours, and secondly, out of the 10 tapes I sent, maybe 1 was transferred to the usb. I have emailed the company today and waiting on a response. I was truly excited about this gift for my dad, only to be very disappointed. Hopefully their customer service team can refund me as I will not be giving this to my dad as a gift.

Tifini B. - June 22, 2020

I paid for 50 items to be converted. Just received my box back and 24 DVDs were not converted and no refund pending. Also quality is worse than the originals supplied. I will be filing a complaint with my credit card company. I would not recommend this service.

Marty K. - March 30, 2023


Keith R. - March 29, 2021

Don’t Use Legacy Box

I will just tell you why legacybox is deceptive and unfair.
I sent a bundle of tapes and films to be processed, it was order number *******. Your company failed to copy three of the items adequately, because they do not adjust the TRACKING of VHS tapes. The resultant discs were just static. After arguing with your representative I was offered a 50 percent refund. I find this to be inadequate and insulting.
First off, your company puts a sticker on the supposedly defective tapes stating that they did everything possible to process the items. This is not true. Because I consequently paid a guy $55. To get my tapes copied properly. They came out fine with a slight tracking adjustment. Your company DOES NOT do everything possible to ensure ideal quality.
Secondly, you advertise on your website that SATISFACTION is GUARANTEED. We’ll, since I am not satisfied with your production process and your inadequate refund policy, I am not satisfied and your guarantee is false.
There you have it. I challenge you now to post my feedback, or to process a full refund for the three faulty jobs.

David N. - December 22, 2020

Poor Service!

After 8 weeks we finally received two dvds and no instructions on how to save or retrieve any movies on line! I’ve called many times, and no one answers! They finally just hang up. You may want to research other services.

Judy H. - July 26, 2020

Positive Reviews seem to be fake

I arranged the reviews newest to oldest, and noticed that negatives reviews happen randomly, but positive reviews are clumped around a couple of days. How can this be? I suspect Legacy Box employees have been assigned the task of writing positive reviews to get the average up.

David O. - January 23, 2023



Donna G. - July 7, 2020

Misleading Pricing

Do not use legacybox. The advertised price keeps growing with unexpected charges and the alleged discounts disappear. Furthermore, they make no attempt to solve any problems. The customer service consists of denials and evasion of responsibility. I received 12 emails until I just gave up.

Dan H. - April 5, 2023

My experience with Legacy Box was beyond bad. Their costumer service is terrible. The method of delivery and notification of delivery of material was botched repeatedly. I would never use this service again.

Bob M. - May 28, 2023

Legacy box advertises like crazy and out and out lie about how long it will take. I tell every one I know what horrible company Legacy Box is to work with. It took months plural for you to process the order. Did you send any updates? None at all. And then when I contact you, you act like it is no big thing. Don’t worry I will put this on Google, yelp and any other platform I can find you in.

Jason C. - June 29, 2022

I sent in several high quality items, expecting quality results. I did not get that, complained in writing and asked for a refund. To be clear, their customer service is truly excellent, but the finished product is degraded (in my opinion). Images on my original format, in some cases were very good and could be played on a large modern TV set (41 inches or bigger) with good results. The image quality I received back from Legacy was clearly, clearly a step down (not much good for viewing on anything other than a smart phone). Some of the items I sent in were not of good quality, and I appreciate Legacy Box completing the order. I do not anticipate using Legacy for any additional work. I will look for another source to use next time. I did not receive an offer of a refund.

A.M. - June 12, 2020


Sorry^&*())*&. After months of going back and forth through the mail, my videos are better than the disc you made, Awful.

I cant believe you would send them back without looking at them.
And if you did look at them, and sent them anyway without an apology well that said it all. They are a mess.

Sorry but it is true.

John F. - December 22, 2020

Doesn’t Get Any Worse, Stay Away!

Took over three months to get my order returned it was done poorly choppy errors on the screen the sound was echoing definitely not worth the money or how long it took absolutely not worth it.

Jackie S. - June 12, 2020

Took them 4 months to complete my order. Completely unacceptable. I will never use them again, even though I have a credit on a future order.

Jessica M. - October 28, 2020

Legacy Box (owned by Southtree) has been completely unresponsive to several requests for a refund. There is no way to call them, only contact them through their chat bot service. After paying $365 to have them digitize 5,000 precious physical family photos, I started reading their reviews just as I was about to mail this 37 pound box to them. I was horrified about all the reviews that indicate carelessness with family photos, videos etc and their very poor customer service, lack of responsiveness and also taking months to actually finish the project. I decided I would NOT mail them my family’s 5,000 photo collection and requested a refund. They have not responded to numerous requests (not once!) for a refund over the past two weeks. This is completely unacceptable.

Anonymous - September 26, 2023

Ordered 4-20-2023 10 tapes $192.15 Got 7 of 10 back converted The converted ones are worse than the original vhs tapes, witch I can still watch, the other 3 play perfect on vhs, and told me they cannot convert The dvds they sent are unwatchable And no sound This company needs to be shut down Total fraud!! I learned of the company thru glen beck, what a disappointment I want a full refund, worst I’ve ever seen!

Anonymous - July 18, 2023

This involves an order to Legacy Box to digitize VHS video tapes of old home movies which are now irreplaceable. Several of the people in those videos are deceased now so if the tapes are lost no replacement is possible. This company required the customer to purchase in advance for the full price, which I did. But before sending the video tapes in, I did more research and found many reviews where they had lost or damaged tapes, or taken many months (more than 3 months) to perform the Digitization and the persons never received their tapes or the digitized copies.

Since mine were irreplaceable, I did more research and found a local company (Memory Fortress) here in Atlanta that would do it. They did all the tapes in 10 days with good quality. I then sent an email dated July 1 to Legacy Box requesting a full refund and that I was not going to send any types in. I received a terse response that they have a 30 day deadline and refused to refund any money. However, this 30 day refund period was not clearly stated originally. My email was at about 31 days, just 1 day over! However, they steadfastly refused any refund. They suggested gifting this, $581.72, to someone but I have no one to do that, so basically, the full amount of money is lost.

Anonymous - July 6, 2023

Followed all the steps to send film in for processing. When product was returned not all film transferred. Tried numerus times via text and message through their site but it has been 6 days with no return response from them. They take your money but don’t deliver the product. Very frustrating and disappointed in the company.

Jacob M. - February 9, 2023

Misleading Pricing

Do not use legacybox. The advertised price keeps growing with unexpected charges and the alleged discounts disappear. Furthermore, they make no attempt to solve any problems. The customer service consists of denials and evasion of responsibility. I received 12 emails until I just gave up.

Dan H. - April 5, 2023

I assume they lost my stuff

It has been almost 3 months since I sent in precious videos. I called 3 weeks ago and they made up excuses about turnaround being affected by COVID. But, to be clear, they had it for weeks before COVID impacted business. 3 weeks ago they said 10 weeks is normal. Really? Then they said it was the virus. Not true either. Then they said it would ship on Monday (3 weeks ago). Really? They do not have their act together and I am beginning to think they lost my valuables and just won’t admit it. I’m talking 6 videotapes that they have not been able to digitize in 3 months. I get an email every week saying they are working on it, uploading it, getting ready to ship or whatever. 6 videotapes? If it takes that long to process 6 tapes they have been “uploading” for over 2 months, I hope they have a customer base of no more than one customer or they will never see their belongings. Terrible.

Sean H. - June 12, 2020